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I explore at great length and in-depth the hotels, villas and honeymoon destinations to tailor the holiday experience to your unique requirements and specific preferences and desires.

My full title is Concierge Travel Expert, and I gained the position from over two decades in the industry. I obtained a BCom in Travel and Tourism before I embarked on a vision, to enable the travel dreams of people who wanted to experience the most adventurous, exciting, exhilarating, remarkable and memorable holidays. I know that I am able to make all your travel dreams come true if you give me the opportunity to prove it to you!

I love sharing my knowledge and experience so starting a travel company was the logical extension of my BCom that would have me earning my living from doing what I love. Typically the majority of people don’t really have a clear understanding of the industry because of the myths, misconceptions and bad information about travel, costs and the whole business of the travel industry.

The biggest misconception in travel is the costs people associate with travel services, and logically one has to charge a fee for services if you want to stay in business, but our services are, as a general rule, based on commission. Up to 90 per cent of our services are commission-based, and that’s the industry standard.

Online booking might do away with the gratuity service charge, but bear in mind you pay for what you get, and a cheap holiday mistake is expensive when all the chips are down. You’ve paid the rate and had a horrible experience. It’s a double whammy.

The value that I provide is greater than the sum total of the service that you pay for as my client. I go the extra mile and figure out the obstructions, obstacles and all those itsy bitsy little things that can turn a dream holiday into a nightmare experience nobody wants to repeat. When you’re next in dream mode and looking about for a desired destination be sure to contact me for a travel experience worth writing about!

Mirinda Bosman -Postcard Moments Concierge Travel Expert

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